Rhino notching and trimming with Worth Wild Safaris yesterday. Awesome, awesome morning as we found the rhino bull that eluded us a few weeks ago. We were able to trim him neatly and wake him up. He never wanted to leave us though after his wake up. Just stood near us and seemed to enjoy the company! Thank you to all that make this work possible. As we told the guests that joined us, it is not a solution but hopefully will buy us time to save this species until a solution is found. No one wants to interfere with nature if it is not necessary, but sadly it is critical to save our rhino who are under serious threat of going extinct. Thank you to our amazing A team for their smooth execution of the necessary work. The Pilanesberg National Park & Wildlife Trust assists the Park with conservation projects as well as related projects. We are a PBO and an NPO as well as a registered, audited Trust. You are welcome to visit our About Page to see the extent of the work done, our Board of Trustees and all the good people that support and assist us.