Slowly and surely we are getting the little things done to the best of our ability here in Pilanesberg National Park. Thank you Black Rhino Reserve, Marius, and Oliver for the support. Yesterday they levelled out Mankwe Hide parking area and the road leading up to it. This is all in preparation for the paving that will be done there once all the preparation work is completed. Mamba Cement kindly donated 480 bags of cement for the brick making. We have had a team of four local community members making bricks the past two months and we are almost at our target! Thank you Mamba Cement and Paddy Brearley for this massive contribution.
Many gravel roads are also being graded as we speak. Unfortunately the park does not have a water spraying truck to dampen the roads! Tau Link still needs to be completed and I am hoping to raise funds for tar on this road. We have spent R160 000.00 on Tshwene, Kgabo, and Kubu. We received donations of R70 000.00 from the public for that so far. THANK YOU. You have made a massive difference with your contributions. For those who can please continue to support, either in funds or even tar. We need to complete Tau Link as soon as it is warmer as the tar needs heat to be manipulated into the holes. All the potholes that we did fill previously are still filled I am happy to report! There are new holes on the repaired roads already and these will be attended to as soon as possible. Anyone with access to a water truck please contact me. I would be ever so grateful! As would everyone else driving the park after the grading. To Donate, please visit our website Projects Page, where you can select the specific project you would like to support. The PWT is a PBO and can issue an 18A certificate for your donation. Thank you to everyone making a difference, mentioned or unmentioned.