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The Pilanesberg National Park, situated 50km north of Rustenburg in the North West Province, is managed by the North West Parks & Tourism Board. The Pilanesberg is, however, more than just a wildlife sanctuary to which tourists flock – it has also spurred economic development in the region that in turn has provided social up-liftment in this once largely disadvantaged rural community.

The Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust (PWT) was established in 1999 to provide a medium through which contributions can be made to further conservation and social upliftment. The PWT is a non-profit organisation and is registered with the South African Institute of Fundraising

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Cheetah injury

Tale, our female cheetah mom, has a cub that has an injury. The injury was reported by park visitors. Vet Gerhardus Scheepers was asked to assist the Park to capture, assess and treat the young [...]

Rhino work with Zoologisk Have

Rhino work with Zoologisk Have - thanks for the support and interest you give Pilanesberg National Park and the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust. The projects that are supported by Cop Zoo include our Bathawk Project [...]

Rhino notching and dehorning with Diamond Travel

Rhino Notching and horn trimming in Pilanesberg National Park with Diamond Travel, a really amazing experience with this group from Prodis in France. As you may be aware the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust assists the Park [...]


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 PWT needs your support for additional funding our ongoing projects – for the betterment of the Park for all its visitors, including you!

Rhino Protection Project

The overall protection of the rhinos remains an in-the-field situation. The Park has, through donations from the PWT and other sources, been able to equip and train field rangers, install various technology, and improve relations with the local communities.

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Technical Projects

The PWT aids the North West Parks Board by fundraising and assisting in a number of technical projects in Pilanesberg. This assistance is often required due to the insufficient government funding and resources (labour, expertise, etc.) for such projects.

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Lion Project

When animals are fenced, and especially in the case of predators where there is not an abundance of them, it is important to manage their numbers and genetics.

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