Brown Hyena Conservation

Project Phiri is based in the Northwest Province of South Africa. The research started with pilot work in Pilanesberg National Park in 2003 and is supported by The Earthwatch Institute.

The Hyena Specialist Group has two major goals:

  1. To promote the conservation of hyenas worldwide through integrated research
  2. Through education, to change people’s attitudes towards these much maligned and often unnecessarily persecuted animals

Central to these objectives has been the work carried out in Pilanesberg National Park.

Pilanesberg National Park is a dedicated Brown Hyena conservation area, which is why there are no Spotted Hyena in the park (bar the one lone animal who migrated in). The Spotted Hyena outcompete the Brown Hyena for food and resources, which is why they have not been introduced into Pilanesberg. For more information on this project, feel free to email me with any questions at pdell@nwpb.org.za.

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