PWT Supported Projects

PWT needs your support for additional funding our ongoing projects – for the betterment of the Park for all its visitors, including you! You can deposit money into the Trust’s account and advise us what project you would like to see your donation money put towards.

We will acknowledge all donors on our website. The progress of the projects wil be published to the website, so that you will know how well your money has been spent! Become part of us – your bush family!

Mankwe Hide Project

The Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust (PWT) is assisting the Pilanesberg National Park (IPNP) in rebuilding the iconic Mankwe Hide that sadly burnt last September 2018 after a wildfire came in.

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Rhino Protection Project

The overall protection of the rhinos remains an in the field situation. The Park has through donations from the PWT and other sources been able to equip and train field rangers, as well as a K9 unit.

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Brown Hyena Project

Project Phiri is based in the Northwest Province of South Africa. The research started with pilot work in Pilanesberg National Park in 2003 and is supported by The Earthwatch Institute.

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Cheetah Project

There are no known female Cheetah in Pilanesberg at present. The PWT was approached to assist in financing the purchase of a female Cheetah for the Pilanesberg Nation Park.

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Elephant Project

This is unfortunately quite an expensive operation but the PWT will be supporting the elephant population project in the interests of the elephants, and the home they call Pilanesberg.

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Lion Project

When animals are fenced, and especially in the case of predators where there is not an abundance of them, it is important to manage their numbers and genetics.

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Wild Dog Project

Wild dogs were reintroduced into Pilanesberg in 1998 and have been successful in their breeding and survival ever since. Wild dogs are a highly mobile species and can cover great distances in a short time.

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Community Development

One of the core functions of the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust is to promote the upliftment of the communities in the related fields of Nature Conservation and Tourism on the periphery of the Pilanesberg National Park.

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