Yesterday was quite hectic and we had more than 40 people assisting with the fire that entered the Park from outside. The teams are out there again now and assessing the fire which is slowly still burning.

One must realize firstly, that Pilanesberg is not flat. Secondly, roads in some areas where the burns are, are narrow management tracks so accessibility and control is difficult and deadly. Thirdly the terrain is really challenging to walk up without taking risks or getting trapped.

The fires intensity depends on wind and wind speed. Winds have been very strong and gusty the past couple of days.
There are gusts of wind that are so super scary and life threatening, so caution is critical. While the teams are out there all consideration is given to human and wildlife safety. These are out prerogatives. Our teams have worked intensely, and Rebel Fire Group From Rustenburg once again came out to assist us.

Thank you to each and every person for your dedication and support. You know who you are. The Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust is behind you all the way, and here to support whatever is needed!








14 July:

Wild fires have entered the park from outside this time, causing havoc. Stephen, Charlotte, park staff and park guides out till 3:00 am and back again at 6:00 am. We will fly and check for any casualties asap. Winds are quite hectic so we can only go when its safe.

Thank you everyone that helped. Morne, thanks for arranging your water truck again!