Team fought into the evening yesterday to bring the fires under control. Charlotte (Cop Zoo) checked up on them this early am and all looks good. They are out or on their way out. A second fire came in from Kwa Maritane yesterday and the fire fighting teams split in two to manage both fires. That fire is also out.

It’s hard to explain how much work goes into fighting a fire, and to understand how fires work. It’s not simply a case of trying to put it out. The teams on the ground really worked hard to make sure they kept the animals safe, and kept the fires going in the direction they desired. In the 2020 fires we have seen 50% of the park burn over a period of 2 months. It’s not all bad though because as soon as spring and the rains arrive it will look stunning. There is still lots of grazing left so no need to panic.

Of course we hope that no more wild fires creep in. Some firebreaks are planned to help prevent this as much as humanly possible. So for now all looks safe and well. Thank you everyone for the teamwork and the support.