Information courtesy of The Rhino Orphanage:
Hi Everybody, It’s me Annie… I know I have been quiet, because I am MISSING my mom. I did feel ALL the LOVE each one of you sent me, THANK YOU!!! I’m still very sad but it helps to have Mapimpi… he is always clowning around just to make me SMILE. The full moon always makes me scared – three months ago in the time of the full moon, I lost my mom… I am slowly settling into the orphanage and Mapimpi keeps reminding me how lucky we NOW are… He says we are BEYOND BLESSED…I know he is right!
Therefore we decided to reached out to our friends at GenJo. They were very kind, because they understand our loss and that we are ONLY babies. They offered to help us with our plans to do our bit in finding ways to help The Rhino Orphanage so they can take care of ALL our needs. And off course for us to show our LOVE and APPRECIATION to our human moms. It’s the little things that make a big difference…and all their LOVE and CARE even when I was hurting them because I was SCARED and ANGRY …has saved me and makes me stronger every day. PLEASE can you support our plan…it’s a win-win for EVERYONE.
You get an inspirational book by an International Best-Selling Author, and we get a GENEROUS portion given to The Rhino Orphanage. There are LIMITED copies….PLEASE hurry and order your copy! CONTRIBUTE TO THE RHINO ORPHANAGE by purchasing BLESSINGS AND BEYOND online.