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The Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust (PWT) is assisting the Pilanesberg National Park (IPNP) in rebuilding the iconic Mankwe Hide that sadly burnt last September 2018 after a wildfire came in.

Mankwe Hide was burnt to ground.

The cost to rebuild was estimated at R750,000 as of last December 2018. The PWT is looking for donations of any size to assist us in rebuilding this magnificent hide. The hide was an awesome viewing point in the PNP and loved by all visitors to the PNP. The birds in the area also used the hide for perching and nesting.

We will look at either replication of what was there previously, or improving on what was, if the funds raised here allow for improvement. We will also look at planting more trees in the water for the birds to perch on as well as improved seating and lookout options, cost allowing.

Donations of money, or equipment, to rebuild the hide would be appreciated. Amounts can be whatever you can afford.

100% of the funds raised and labeled ‘Mankwe Hide’ will be utilised for Mankwe Hide.

By donating you are:

  • Making it possible for visitors to the hide to have an awesome view in the basin of the ancient imploded volcano
  • Improving the viewing of birds in PNP,  specifically
  • Making the photographing of spectacular sunsets and sunrises possible
  • Assisting the PNP in improving itself
  • Increasing the PNP’s number of hides for visitors to go to
  • Donations R500 and more will mean a plaque with your name will be placed at the hide. Please note that we will need your POP and name emailed to myself. T&C’s apply

Thank you for taking the time to assist us to achieve this goal.

We will continue fundraising till we have enough to rebuild the hide. Hopefully this will not take too long!

Feel free to email me with any suggestions or questions. pdell@nwpb.org.za

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