Update on Pilanesberg opening:

Friday is planned for the park opening. All going well. So far so good. No sleeping over. Only day visitors.
NB: Covid 19 rules apply in park too.

ONLY BAKUBUNG AND MANYANE GATES OPENING. Gate opening as per normal for this time of year 6:30 to 18:00.

Rates for SA nationals: R 80 per person/pp
SA Pensioner: R40 pp
Child age 6 to 12 years: R30 pc
Car: R40 per car
Foreign nationals: R110 pp
Identity documents required.

No pre-booking required.

The park will supply hand sanitisers but you are requested and recommended to bring your own in case those placed at the hides are stolen. NO FIRES PLEASE. No braaing at any point in the park. Bring picnic stuff if you want to eat in the park, but no fires allowed. Please. Please use your own discretion at toilets and hides. If there are too many cars or people move on rather.

The animals, especially the elephants, have made the roads their own. Please give them room and be patient with them. They are not used to you anymore. You will notice that the Rhinos have been dehorned. This was not easy or something we wanted to do. Please respect this decision as a necessary. If you do see a Rhino with a horn please advise the closest Park Official or myself. Some may have slipped through the process and will be at risk. Any injured or disturbing sighting can please be reported as well. We will rely on you to keep us informed on anything you think is out of the ordinary please. The number to call to report is 014 555 1600. Please give the officer on duty clear, concise info and leave your name and number in case we need to follow up. You can also advise gate attendants.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation. Enjoy your time in the Pilanesberg.


11 June:

PC is clean and has sanitisers. You will have to have a mask to go in. No food or anything else. Only toilets. And i believe coffee will be sold. Fortune will be at PC tomorrow if you are keen to support the PWT! Bakubung lodge will be selling steak rolls at the Bakubung gate so have cash ready. Not sure from what time. Enjoy your time here and watch out for the wildlife that is no longer used to you!