Update courtesy of TRO.

Rhinos orphans all have different personalities and cope with new circumstances differently. Most of the time the orphans will call for their moms for about 2 or 3 days. This usually stops when they are introduced to other orphans. For Kei, the 1.5 year old white rhino who lost his aged mother to septicemia caused by a burst abscess, this process has been really hard.

Kei, 13 days into rescue and arrival at the Rhino Orphanage, he was still calling for mom, even though he was following and spending time with orphans, Kaytie and Lacy. The Rhino Orphanage Team decided to let the 3 out into a day camp, and Kei immediately set out like a bloodhound to find mom. Nose on the ground, the orphan was so determined to find her, he broke through a gate and a camp fence in search of her. The Team recaptured him in fear that he will break more fences and wander off.

What Kei needed, was an older female orphan by his side, for comfort and security, and so the Team introduced Kei to Kabira. Kei started following her within the first 2 minutes of contact and his calls for his mother stopped then and there. The 4 orphans are now happily sharing their space with each other.

The difference in emotions and personalities of these rhino calves, never cease to amaze us and 7 years down the line we are still learning something new every day.