Friends of Pilanesberg Society (FOPS)

The Friends of the Pilanesberg is a voluntary, non-profit organisation which supports the North West Parks Board with the conservation of a few of the natural areas in the Province.

Once a project has been agreed on by the Board and the FOPS committee, the Society attempts to obtain funding through both corporate and private sponsorship.

Primary Objective of the Society

The main aim of the Society is the conservation of the habitat and the fauna and flora of the Pilanesberg National Park and in any other area that the committee deems fit for any particular reason.

Subsidiary Objectives

  • To raise funds and then to provide the funds plus any material, equipment, information, expertise, advice and publicity necessary to further the aims of the Society;
  • To initiate action to further the aims of the Society provided this is acceptable, where appropriate, to the Government or Department concerned;
  • To promote and sponsor education, training and dissemination of information in any of the disciplines of conservation to further the aims of the Society;
  • To recruit new members world wide and to promote and publicise the aims of the Society;
  • At the committee’s discretion, to encourage and assist the establishment of branches of the Society anywhere in the world. Any such branch shall be subject to the terms of this Constitution and such administrative rules as may laid down by the Central Committee, being the Committee of the original Society;
  • To foster a spirit of friendship and co-operation between membership of the Society and the permanent and temporary residents of the Society’s physical operating area in the furtherance of the aims of the Society;
  • To collect and accept subscriptions, donations, bequests, endowments and any other benefits from any source whatsoever to be used for the advancement of the aims of the Society;
  • To engage in any other activities as may be considered necessary or expedient in the furtherance of the interest of the Society and its aims.

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