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Biggestleaf Travel

An online tour operator with a focus on travel within Southern Africa.

Biggestleaf Travel has been marketing destinations across Southern Africa since 2013 with a focus on bringing what the amazing continent of Africa has to offer, to life.

Inspired by their shared love for wild places, they have been at the forefront of the design, development and marketing of the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust website, using their varied travel and marketing knowledge.

The Copenhagen Zoo

A bright future for Pilanesberg with the involvement of Copenhagen Zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo kindly agreed to finance the installation and maintenance of a ParkView© console at the Pilanesberg Centre.

Another agreement provides for the Zoo to establish a research center, accommodation, funding of a research administrator, and bursaries for local and international scholars.

The Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust also got a boost with a further R 120,000 pa for a period of four years.

The Rhino Dogs Project

JACARANDA FM’S Purple Rhino Project along with MECHEM & StopRhinoPoaching.com

Rhino Dogs! In The Bush, on the Frontlines. Tracking. Protecting. Detecting.

It is well known that the combination of a trained dog handler and his dog is a powerful weapon against crime.

With the handler’s knowledge of crime, his reasoning and alert mind, backed-up by the dog’s discriminating nose, its superior sense of hearing, better eyesight, agility, power and trainability, they form a very effective team.

This project will bring teams face to face against rhino poachers on the frontlines.

Stop Rhino Poaching

SRP donated and trained 3 rhino dogs & sponsored the training of 3 field rangers

Stop Rhino Poaching (SRP) has donated and trained 3 rhino dogs and they have covered the training costs of 3 field rangers from Pilanesberg National Park. These dogs and their handlers do patrols and raids in and around the Park. Elise and her team are doing some amazing work.


Sponsors of the first three handler’s training courses

MECHEM sponsored the first three handler’s training courses valued at R 15,000.00 per person.

Experienced instructors conduct training and make use of the excellent facilities available to them at the MECHEM head office in Pretoria. MECHEM currently have 48 accredited dogs  working in Angola, DRC and Sudan and another 32 trained detection dogs in their kennels. Locally, MECHEM dogs are deployed at freight forwading at O R Tambo Airport & Cape Town International Airport.

MECHEM also facilitates in the sale and training of Explosive Detection Dogs, Mine Detection Dogs, Patrol Dogs and Narcotics Detection Dogs.

B&I Polycontainers

B & I Polycontainers supply the Rhino squeeze bottles that are available at the entry gates of the Pilanesberg.

All funds raised from the sale of these bottles are used in creating awareness of Rhino poaching and to assist the Anti-Poaching efforts within the Park where possible.

The Trust would like to thank Mr Vaughan Brown, his family and his staff for their contribution!

Vaughan Brown says “The employees and staff of B & I POLYCONTAINERS are proud to be citizens of a country where the wild animals are free to roam in the natural habitat. We are determined to preserve this honour for future generations of this country. To preserve this heritage will also ensure employment for all involved in the tourism industry for the future. We have particularly chosen the Rhino as an icon in need of protection. Rhinos are being poached at an unprecedented rate within our borders.

We as family are very passionate about our rhino and are all involved in raising funds for the preservation of this great animal. All funds raised are sent to the anti-poaching unit, as this is where a difference can be made. I believe a lack of funds is a major obstacle in this fight against poachers. If people could donate money or time, we may have a chance, if not we may be in the same position as Mozambique.

I chose to get involved instead of that person saying “someone must do something”.

Legacy Hotels

Bakubung Bush Lodge & Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge are in the Pilanesberg National Park. Both lodges contribute towards the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust. For more information about the lodges visit Legacy Hotels