As part of our Rhino notching and DNA collection in Pilanesberg, we also treat wounded Rhino due to the fact that they are so threatened by the scourge of poaching. Here an injured Rhino cow is treated for her wounds while her calf gets his ears notched and his DNA collected.

She was injured in a fight with another Rhino. Probably a bull wanting to mate with her. This particular Rhino was previously injured by a bull and treated a few years ago! Luckily there are no life threatening wounds, and she and her calf woke up together after treatment and notching.

A family experience like no other for the Rodriguez family from Florida who joined us… Memories we hope will live with them forever. We truly appreciate your contribution. Thanks Tess of Crystal Events for making this possible for our Rhinos, and for this amazing family. The enthusiasm and interest of the whole family was truly a pleasure to behold. Three really young lads so keen and interested in all that was happening. Perhaps one will turn out to be a wildlife warrior! 🦏

We were also fortunate enough to have Davide Bomben and Dennis Wolf of PPA (Poaching Prevention Academy) Italy, here in Pilanesberg. Thanks for all you guys do for Rhinos everywhere Davide!

Thanks to Dr Gerhardus Scheepers, his assistants Ncita and Cornel Eksteen, and Pilot Dolph van der Merwe for you time and dedication. Last, but definitely not least, thanks to our team Charlotte and Steve for the hours of hard work and passion that never falters.