Another 420 potholes filled today. We are shattered, – it is physical, dusty, hot and strenuous work I tell you. Tomorrow we will give it a break as we are waiting for another load of cold tar. Thank you to the TUT students Kanye and Kele, the Air trackers gents Oupa, T, Thabang and KG, pilot Emile, Lottie, Steve and myself. On the weekend we had Honorary Officers join us on their rest time. Thank you Rose and Cindy, Liesel and Bruce. Also Cathy and Wynand du Toit and their lads. Thank you Bakubung for the coffee and muffins, they went down well. Also the people that handed out water and cold drinks, it was much appreciated.
We know many holes still need to be filled, we also cannot do shallow holes very successfully. We are focusing on the critical areas and holes. Saturday FOPs will be potholed so please look out for them on the road – thank you FOPs. Donations are coming in, but I need to raise R140,000.00 to cover the 2000 bags of cold tar please. I have received approx. R 20,000.00 thus far. If you can make a contribution please do? Don’t worry about how big or small it is. Every bit helps please!
To donate, please click on the Donate button below, and use the reference “Tar and your name”. Thank You!