From the COO of NWPB Piet Nel:

“Good day everyone. Our plan to reopen Pilanesberg has been finalized, but we still need to have it approved. The Board has a Covid committee overseeing the implementation of the Covid regulations, which amongst others also consider staff safety, etc. Our plan must be considered by the Board, the unions, etc. and then approved before we can implement. We have already started cleaning the facilities, we need to sterilize ablutions, gates, and other facilities. We have not been sitting at home drawing salaries, in fact most of management in Parks Board haven’t had the luxury of staying at home during lock down. As government, we are also bound to buy from specific registered suppliers, we cannot walk into the first shop and buy our PPE’s, the turnaround time for something as simple as a thermometer can be 2 weeks. I am pushing for opening sometime this week, so hopefully next weekend people can visit the park.”