During lock down the Pilanesberg National Park dehorned all the rhino here for safety and security purposes. It was not an easy decision, nor was it what anyone in management wanted to do. It was deemed necessary however. In this period of lock down the park was left empty and vulnerable except for the RPU Staff and the guides that chose to stay. Of the guides that chose to stay it was asked to please be the eyes and ears out there. Basically the guides would go out on patrol, sometimes at there own cost, and listen for anything that may alert us. Without the guides being there, creating a presence and watching out for the wildlife, things could have been different.
In the first ceremony to thank the people on the ground who selflessly, and without reward, went about looking after the Park, Steve handed out badges specially designed for this project called Operation Rhino Eyes – Lock down 2020 – Pilanesberg. We have a couple more ceremonies to do but getting all involved together is proving challenging! Thank you Black Rhino Reserve Guides and Legacy Lodges and Hotel guides featured in this ceremony for your immense contribution and support; Charlotte Marais for her unwavering support and commitment and our Bathawk Pilots who were here for the entire lock down. Thank you, you are all heroes. Thank you Alisha Lowry Amore for designing the badge handed to each guide.