Today our new Bat Hawk ZU-IUS, named Ikaneng, arrived in Pilanesberg. Thank you Terry Pappas for getting her ready in record time. Your work is amazing. Thanks also for the discount you give to conservation. The Bat Hawk is sponsored by the Copehagen Zoo, Schopper Carts and the Pilanesberg National Park & Wildlife Trust.
We sold our old one, Mofalodi a week or so ago as she had almost all the hours she could take on the engine. Thank you to Cop Zoo and Alexander for their continued support and passion. Both have been instrumental in making this project a success. That and our amazing dedicated Pilots working with us. Thank you Cameron Dobbie and Keaton Howes for fetching Ikaneng. I know you loved flying her here. The lads left yesterday for Nelspruit and flew Ikaneng here today. Landed her beautifully in 20 knot wind.
As you all are probably aware our Bat Hawk is critical in the protection and surveillance of the Pilanesberg Rhinos. She is our ‘eye in the sky’. And forms part of the Rhino Protection Unit. Ikaneng will go up every day. As did Mofalodi before her and Serate before that. It costs us a lot less to fly Ikaneng than hiring in a chopper, and she is always available. The Bat Hawk has the ability to fly low and slow which is precisely what is needed in Pilanesberg.
We are still R 70,000.00 short on the invoice from Bat Hawk SA and we are hoping to get some sponsorship, and or donations. Times are tough I know, and even worse after the week from hell we just had, in South Africa. However, any amount is better than none. And if 1000 people donate R20 then we have more than we would have if they all thought there R20 was too little to make a difference. Every amount makes a difference.
If you are able to assist in a small or large way please do. It’s for a good cause and a necessary cause. Sadly rhino poaching goes on and we have lost 7 rhinos to poachers since lockdown started in May 2020. We still do all we can with the resources available to us. However there is only the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust raising funds for Pilanesberg. We do not have the huge donors that the National Parks get. Pilanesberg is a provincial park even though we are known as Pilanesberg National Park. Copenhagen Zoo and My Planet Rhino Fund are of the 2 supporters we have. Cop Zoo doing what they can in this time of crisis the world over. Then we have donors like Shopper Carts who assist with our Bathawk where they can and Toyota assisting us with services for our Rhino Protection Unit vehicles that are Toyotas. There are small donors and supporters that assist us by purchasing the PWT merchandise and making donations at the gates, etc.. we are grateful to each one doing so. These funds raised are then used for all the conservation projects in Pilanesberg. So please consider supporting if you can, with what you can. It will be hugely appreciated. Below is the PWT SnapScan code if you have SnapScan linked to your phone apps. No amount is too small. Thank you.
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Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust.