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Wild dogs were reintroduced into Pilanesberg in 1998 and have been successful in their breeding and survival ever since. Wild dogs are a highly mobile species and can cover great distances in a short time.

Their movements over the years has shown a distinct pattern of remaining close to the fence line boundary of the park, which can be associated with prey capture (the dogs have “learnt” to use the fence as an effective tool in catching their prey) and possibly in avoiding lions which will kill wild dogs if they get the opportunity.

Monitoring the movements of the current Pilanesberg pack of eleven wild dogs relies on the technology of a satellite collar to track them on a daily basis. At the moment the pack is in need of renewing of their collars. The PWT will assist in funding this project in 2013. The cost for this collar (fitting & service fees) is R 25,000

Regular updates will be published on the PWT website of where the dogs are and other interesting activities that the dogs have been up to!

If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact us. If you make a direct payment please state that your donation is for the “Wild Dog Project”

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