Update on donations received for Bahati.

Thanks to the following people:
Mona Riederer
Jan Joost
Alex Schopper
MA Tillem
Christina Martinez
Katherine Duncan
Tracey Murray
Richard Maxwell
Arnd Bresenbach
Kylie Treen.

The total was R22, 526.00.

(Please note that I have used the info from the donation references received. So where I do not have the surname or name I cannot include it). If your name is not here please feel free to send me an email with the donation details. If you would like me to list how much you donated you can let me know please.

Many thanks again to all who supported and donated. Since Bahati has passed away most of the donors have requested that the PWT use the funds as needed in Rhino Conservation. If you have other wishes for the funds please advise.