This wonderful initiative is taking place in Pilanesberg! Information courtesy of Afro Indigenous. Thank you FOPS for your involvement in this.
Afro Indigenous is proud to announce our partnership with Fops Sediba to support the restoration efforts in the eastern section of Pilanesberg National Park, which suffered tree loss due to a recent fire in September. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of one of our nation’s cherished natural treasures. Our commitment to growing quality plants extends beyond benefiting our customers, as we recognize the significance of safeguarding the protected lands of our country. In this ongoing initiative, we will cultivate plant plugs featuring the specific tree species native to the affected area. Our dedicated team nurtures these plants until they reach a robust state, at which point they are entrusted to Fops members for the meticulous tree-planting process. Fops, or Friends of Pilanesberg, is a devoted group of volunteers conducting monthly work parties to enhance the national park’s environment for both wildlife and park visitors. Explore more about their impactful work on their Facebook page or their newly launched website. Consider joining their team to be part of this meaningful endeavour.