Update on little Rhino calf. We have named her Thatoyaone. Meaning ‘God’s will’. Thato is still critical. Besides the debridements she has also contracted con… Comitant pneumonia which is normal for young Rhino that are not well. She is also severely dehydrated and has now been moved to a secure location with a carer.

To advise all who are asking… There is no chance except by pure coincidence that Thato will be reunited with her mum. The time to recover is too long and they will be apart from each other. It is very sad. But we cannot change this without definitely losing Thato. Once she is fully recovered Thato will go to the Rhino Orphanage. And when she is grown we will bring her back to Pilanesberg.. We know who mum is and where her habitat is in the Park and POSSIBLY they could end up together.

Blankets for baby Rhinos have also delivered some blankets for Thato. Thank you very much for that.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and for caring. The next 3 to 7 days are very critical so please bear that in mind. Everyone is doing everything possible to assist Thato to pull through. We will keep you posted.

Little calf standing after the debridement operation. She has severe necrosis that was spread through most of her belly area. The next few days are of course critical.