Courtesy of Endangered Wildlife Trust:


Don’t be alarmed! No animals are purposely being driven over in Pilanesberg National Park… This is part of a five-year study that the EWT’s Wildlife and Roads Project is undertaking in our country’s protected areas.

We are using a fake snake to determine the reasons why animals are being killed on the roads in protected areas, and one of these reasons is driver behaviour. We all love looking for wildlife in our parks, but often at the detriment of animals that utilise the roads – through scanning the bush for wildlife, we often forget to look for smaller animals that may be basking on the road, or making their way across.

We are trialling different signage to see how effective it is in alerting drivers to not only scan the bush but to watch the road – you never know… You may see something really cool!

So next time you are in Pilanesberg, look out for our field worker, Innocent Buthelezi and his co-worker, Sid the Snake.

This project is supported by Bridgestone SA, North West Parks Tourism Board and Copenhagen Zoo.