It used to be that in conservation you managed the health and welfare of the animals in your care. When problems arose they were natural problems, like species fighting species either to mate or to overpower another contender. Predators hunted, and killed or maimed their prey. Their killings were to feed themselves, and or their young. It was selective of the stragglers or the weak in the prey herds usually.

Conservationists were there to look after the Parks and make sure there was a balance in nature. Enough prey for the predators. Good grass and no overgrazing. Fires managed. Roads maintained. Funds to supports projects. These were some of the responsibilities of a nature conservationist. And the reason why we became conservationists.

However, things have gone seriously wrong in conservation. Animals we are here to protect are threatened by a source they cannot protect themselves fairly against. Conservationists like ourselves are out of our depth. This is a war. A war fought by criminals who are determined to drive these innocent animals to extinction. We as conservationists are not in the same league as these ruthless criminals.
We lack the training and the resources to match these criminals. Criminals that kill a Rhino cow with a calf so young and dependent on its mom, without a second thought. Or worse, they kill the calf too.

Criminals stealing and plundering our game reserves that are the heritage of all our people, to enrich themselves only. Their is no purpose for Rhino horn except for a Rhino. Can the end user be so stupid, and so easily fooled to believe a Rhino horn can cure you of illness? Or make you more virile?

That is all in your mind. Even if it wasn’t, why would you spend millions on this horn when it contains the same attributes as your nails. Or your hair?

Is there someone out there that can show us the benefit of humans owning horns? Can you honestly justify that this poor calf must watch its mother get violently killed, grow up in fear and heartache so you can carry a Rhino horn for your selfish, stupid belief? May the pain you cause to these innocent animals, whether they are Rhino, Pangolin, Tigers, Lions, etc., come back to you to teach you a lesson you badly need.

Another senseless murder, another orphaned calf. Heartbreak and sadness. Stress and fear for this young innocent life.

Images credit of TRO.