Update: MOLOPO NATURE RESERVE. 8 April 2019.

Some rain has fallen in the area bringing some relief. Chief Ecologist Piet Nel has advised that the animals will be needing food for at least 2 months though as nothing will grow till spring Sept 2019. The animals, in particular the wildebeest, are eating the grass supplied. The eland and gemsbuck are slow to take the new feed though but they will hopefully do so soon.

We have received R36,000.00 in total and have spent the following:
R31,000.00 for 500 bales of lucern and delivery thereof
R11,000 for eragrostis grass – still waiting to get it delivered.

We certainly need a lot more grass to get through the winter months and we are asking you to please assist.

Please support where you can. Whether you want to buy grass or send donations. It will reach the Molopo Nature Reserve.

Thank you.