It has been a heartbreaking time in Pilanesberg the last few weeks due to the number of Rhino poaching incidents. This picture though has torn at all of us. Our hearts are broken and we are devastated at the latest loss of Rhino to the scourge of poaching. A Mum and calf. Side by side. Killed mercilessly for their worthless horn. Useful only to them. Their precious lives cut short by the greedy and revolting acts of poachers and poaching kingpins. Humans that need innocent animal parts to make them able to function. Sick beings who do not belong on this fair planet. May you die a similar death. We are heartbroken. 

PS. We share what happens in Pilanesberg with you because this is your heritage. The public needs to know what is happening. What we face daily in SA parks. This is a crime. And criminals need to be exposed

Please do not leave messages telling us what we do wrong, and what we should do, on social media. If you have useful info, or suggestions then please email the Park Management. It is safer that way. Thank you for caring.