2018 …. The year started off really tough… many poaching incidents, our bathawk Serate crashed and was written off, and Steve was really badly injured. Thankfully, after the truly narrow escape Steve was back in Rhino Protection within a few weeks! A new bathawk, Mofalodi now graces the skies. This again after a bad crash earlier this year too! She lived up to her name, Modalodi means survivor!

Sadly we also lost Mankwe Hide to a wildfire which also burnt down most of the Pilanesberg. By the grace of God the animals were spared and the rains finally came! Approximately R130,000.00 has been raised to rebuild Mankwe. We are working towards R 700,000.00. Thank to all that contributed so far. Watch this space!

Poaching incidents declined over the last few months. Sadly poaching is a reality that we face, and fight, daily. Incursions are ongoing and we do our best to deter as much as we possibly can under the circumstances. Amongst others, we have had some great security funding and hopefully this will make a difference.

Three books were launched this year:
Saving the Wild – Pilanesberg.
Writing for Rhinos – Saving the Pilanesberg Rhinos.
Within the Heart of The Pilanesberg.

We are truly excited about these and the awareness they will create of Pilanesberg. Many thanks to Donna Kelly Grimsley, Maya Boon Joubert and Malcolm Bernstein for the hard work that went into these books! I truly appreciate it.

Thank you to all the supporters and donors for an amazing 2018. There are so many of you, and you have all made a difference to the work we do in the Gem! This has been a tough but amazing year for the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust in so many ways. Thank you!

Wishing you all a fantastic 2019, and may you be blessed on the path that you choose…