Story courtesy of Alan Monaghan:

This morning at the game reserve walking through the park, along the fence to the landing strip we saw some lion tracks, moments later a female lion leapt out on our side of the fence about 100 meters ahead. Fortunately there were rangers in trucks driving the fence line and we “made haste” back to the crew house. We headed to the landing strip, where the lioness was now hiding, a helicopter came in and the guys managed to dart the lioness from the air (awesome skills). It finally collapsed right outside the crew house garden. We started carrying her on a stretcher, but still slightly awake, she got up and leapt back out into the bush. Eventually she lay down again and some extra drugs were given, she was treated, a tracking collar put on and then we drove her back into the park and released her. Wow what an action packed day at the Rhino Protection Unit.