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World Bee Day

No bees, no planet. Simple as that. Protect nature. No matter how small or inconsequential other living species may seem. We all play a role and were put here for a reason.

May 20th, 2019|News|

Update on Bahati’s passing

Dr Scheepers has advised the following on little Bahati’s passing: "One will not see anything macroscopically, only a histopath would give some answers. Seeing that no one was charged for anything I thought histopath is unnecessary. I do not think Bahati was premature. The problem with these very young animals [...]

May 17th, 2019|News|

Mankwe Hide fundraiser

Hi all! Please support this fundraiser. All funds raised will go towards the rebuild of Mankwe Hide. The costs to rebuild has been quoted as R750,000.00. We have raised R200,000.00 thus far, thank you to all that have contributed. Your contribution is hugely appreciated. We will continue to raise funds [...]

May 16th, 2019|News|

Bahati update

Sadly little Bahati passed away 20 minutes ago. I have no idea why he left us, but we are all shattered. So much love, but clearly inside he was too broken. Thank you everyone for the words of support. I have asked John (Pooe) and the entire Rhino Protection Unit [...]

May 14th, 2019|News|

Tiny rhino calf update

The little rescued rhino made it through the night for which we are super grateful. We have had a report that a rhino cow was seen about 1 km from where we found the calf, with placenta still attached. We do not know it is this calf's mom, and if so, [...]

May 13th, 2019|News|

Rhino calf rescue

When that call comes in... The one that gives all of us in conservation the chills... A class A rhino calf seen with no mom around. Called in by RPU ranger Pooe while on patrol. All stations were put on alert. Except it was sunset, so no chance of air support [...]

May 12th, 2019|News|


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