Story courtesy of The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa. We truly appreciate your effort!

This past Easter Weekend a small group of club members and friends went to Molopo Game Reserve to not only relax and enjoy this really great place in the Kalahari, but to also lay out feed for the animals. The drought, along with over stocking has really had an extreme effect on the environment of Molopo. Thankfully some rain fell while we were there and more expected. (we did leave a day early due to the weather) We were fortunate to have some good sightings of Eland, Zebra, Wildebeest, Kudu, Warthogs, Springbok, Rooi Hartebees, Waterbuck, Duiker, Jackal and a Honey badger spotted during night drive. Special thanks to Karl Hoffman for use of the trailer, Muzzy Murray, Michael Bradley Stockton, Seano Riley, Davin Webster, Kit Muirhead ,Mynhardt Kapp, Thorsten Schafer and all our ladies for the help.