The Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust

The Pilanesberg National Park, situated 50km north of Rustenburg in the North West Province, is managed by the North West Parks & Tourism Board. The Pilanesberg is, however, more than just a wildlife sanctuary to which tourists flock – it has also spurred economic development in the region that in turn has provided social up-liftment in this once largely disadvantaged rural community.

The Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust (PWT) was established in 1999 to provide a medium through which contributions can be made to further conservation and social upliftment. The PWT is a non-profit organisation and is registered with the South African Institute of Fundraising


 PWT needs your support for additional funding our ongoing projects – for the betterment of the Park for all its visitors, including you!

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Latest News

Little Marang update

Story courtesy of TRO. This little boy who is as independent as ever....and falls asleep on absolutely EVERYTHING .....whilst standing. Walls, faces, stomachs, shoes, logs, it. We have started walking Marang in the large [...]

Cheetah relocation update

The last 2 male cheetah from Rain’s first litter have been loaded and have left Pilanesberg... the start a new chapter in their lives. They are awesome males with great genes to pass on to [...]

Marang update

“Precious Marang (meaning sun’s rays) is going on strong. Keeps drinking well and asking for more. Vitals looking good and maintaining a good body temp now. Passed a good amount of urine. No faeces yet. [...]

Poaching in Pilanesberg – little Marang

It used to be that in conservation you managed the health and welfare of the animals in your care. When problems arose they were natural problems, like species fighting species either to mate or to [...]

2018 Tour de Pilanesberg Wilderness

Next Cycle tour date for the Tour de Pilanesberg Wilderness has been set as 18 Aug 2018. This is an awesome ride through the wilderness areas of Pilanesberg. Off the beaten track... For those that want to [...]

Leopards now at risk from Chinese demand

Story courtesy of EIA International:



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